Better Remembered (Single)

by Fauxdephone

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Ugh, song.


released August 16, 2016




Fauxdephone Denver, Colorado

Whoop dip der doo! Hop dippidy bop prood floop kroopdeebleu! SHOOPIDY WHOOPIDY DERPNERPH NAZZLESNOT!

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Track Name: Better Remembered
Don't mistake kindness for weakness, I am weak
And not the kind to make a clear distinction between being wrong and lying
Walking home I can see your television through your window and I know exactly who you are
Cold and alone, drooling indecision walking back and forth between parked cars

Loneliness begets itself, so goodbye Dragon Inn
I am poor and naked and an atom in the vortex of men

It sticks to us, the damning of my family doomed and damp some type of menstrual dew
Ubiquitous, like cloudy swarms of scratches on a film that cover me and you

Will you dig me up, your frozen baby, place me in a coffin made of gold so I can waste a little more
Suburban musk, barbecues and petrichor and poor knight who has lost another war

I've heard He's good to encounter but I feel better remembered
Jesus a good student of narrative, asleep in the boat or behind the projector