Why Anything?

by Fauxdephone

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released November 18, 2014

Mixed and Mastered by Billy Overton and Luke Randazzo
Choir performers: Vince, Luke, Maria, Ted, Noel?, Meredith, Rob, Billy, Ted, Matt, Mike
Dark Dear Heart by Mary Margaret O'Hara




Fauxdephone Denver, Colorado

Whoop dip der doo! Hop dippidy bop prood floop kroopdeebleu! SHOOPIDY WHOOPIDY DERPNERPH NAZZLESNOT!

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Track Name: Warning Song
It's been a weird last couple of months, so sorry if this one's a turd
My dreams used to be Debussy, but now they're more like Schoenberg
You know that you would turn my head so fast it'd make my neck snap
And though I like the scenery I never took of the lens cap

Because I sing songs about myself
It's a subject that I'm always on
So if that doesn't float your boat
Consider this your warning song
Track Name: 6:3 Tree of Life
I'm insane
And a big fan of hyperbole
Am I in pain?
Or is pain something that's in me?
I learned its name
When I scratched it in the trunk of that old tree

These catacombs
Let's explore just me and you
And as for Rome
We can build it in a day or two
So come on home
Don't make me beg cause that'd be nothing new

I've been sleeping in my dreams
You can hardly see the seams

And you could plant that tree
To grow some shade for me
While the sun shines on its leaves

This tepid soul
I know that you hate the taste
It's natural
So lead me to the path of grace
Is lying cold
The only way to free me from my brain

I'd be unborn
Of water, spirit and of flesh
The things I've worn
Now cleaned of colors I've undressed
But now I'm torn
Cause whining about it is fun and hurts much less

My dreams deceased inside my head
Ceaselessly asleep in bed

And you will plant a tree
To grow instead of me
Though I'm choking on the seeds
Track Name: Good Enough
If looks could kill
You'd be my suicide
I could feel so well
Warm wet giver of still life

Grapefruit and blood
And asphalt in the rain
Smell good enough
To keep me here one more day
And Jesus knows my brain

Why anything?
Why this? Why faces? Why molecules? What makes me want to sing? Who gives a fuck?
Why music? What makes a song worth listening?
Here's where I whine and moan, cause the chorus has a glimpse of hope
I can't make up my mind
Track Name: Thoughts (My Brain Is an Angry, Balding History Professor Who Is Continuing the Tragic Cycle of Abuse, My Heart Is His Mail-Order Bride)
Too many
Track Name: Under Your Pillow
Track Name: Why?
Alright folks, we're almost done but indulge me in this epilogue
I thought if I'm doing the whole cry for help, I might as well make it a song
So I sang out all the piss and shit from deep down in my dark heart
And though it isn't total crap it ain't exactly Mozart
Now that this done I guess I'll live until I die
But friends and family and Jesus Christ still can't seem to tell me why