So Long (Single)

by Fauxdephone

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a song


released April 19, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Billy Overton, mastered by Luke Randazzo. Samples were taken from various sources and never given proper credit.




Fauxdephone Denver, Colorado

Whoop dip der doo! Hop dippidy bop prood floop kroopdeebleu! SHOOPIDY WHOOPIDY DERPNERPH NAZZLESNOT!

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Track Name: So Long
If hell is other people I'm hell for someone else
But I have found its equal just thinking about myself
I'll save me the embarrassment of laughing on my own
It could be total providence I'm weeping here alone

I can beat out all the shit
Those awful tricks from God
Tiny halves of maybe children dying in a sock

I can bleed out all the parts
I hate about myself
And save the scabs like trophies to hang neatly on the shelf

So long

If I sleep for long enough, awake becomes the dream
Just garbage thoughts and silly stuff, the trimmings from the tree
Get me to California, Yuba City, pretty shitty
Foster's Freeze, I'll fish for pity
Too entrenched in life, but mostly, too attached to my neuroses
To get better weather in my sweater
Leave me out of your ex-boyfriend's stupid fucking aphorisms


Some people are content
To eat and breathe and fuck
But I am not an animal, these things are not enough

I was a voodoo doll of you
You screamed for me to stop
But I am not a human being I simply can't be taught

So long
So long