This Lonely Bed (Single)

by Fauxdephone

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LeesaAnn Saw Paul perform at Swallow Hill open stage last night. Was blown away. Genius lyrics, guitar playing and a humble self-deprecation that made us life long fans. Listen to This Lonely Bed while following along with the lyrics and enjoy the ride. TRUTH! is refreshing. Favorite track: This Lonely Bed.
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Self-produced, bedroom, slapdash 7-inch


released June 23, 2015

Elliott Smith song "Condor Ave" plus "Ys" being a perfect record that makes me cry for some reason.




Fauxdephone Denver, Colorado

Whoop dip der doo! Hop dippidy bop prood floop kroopdeebleu! SHOOPIDY WHOOPIDY DERPNERPH NAZZLESNOT!

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Track Name: This Lonely Bed
Five hundred dollars
For a pawn shop revolver
And a feeling I can't quite place

You say I'm yours
So I propose this great divorce
From the bones beneath my face

It's not like I
missed out on a drinking problem
It's quite alright
feeling comfy at rock bottom

So I welcome your ghost
To haunt my lonely bed
It just reminds me that you're dead

Your tears were cold and wet
On the back of my neck
But I'll alienate you with empty words

I've been searching for Jesus
But He appears when He pleases
And death is the last stone unturned

You acted like
Tornado sirens made you nervous
It felt so fine
Like I was strong stalwart with purpose


Found a city in a street
Hot and dusty at my feet
Hardened contrast with the sky
Colfax dry and yawning
Made myself up like an other
Played a part to call them brother
Fear and guilt then multiply like
The snore of ceaseless sawing
Elves at work within the engine
Move themselves into dissension
Clogs that clog the cogs of motors
Imaginary saboteurs
Sabbath workers see this violence
Starving now no longer stylish
Useless as your average voters
Democracy as horse manure
Prop my legs against the window
Playing Christ like Max von Sydow
Crossing crosswalks like an ocean
This bus now a dark Mayflower
Clouds as dark as chew tobacco
Blood rains from a dull X-Acto
Pavement speckled, light corrosion
Drizzling in secret power
Cheap box wine to soften syntax
Drugs dance in a salty synapse
Slept on couches in the lobby
Your vomit like blueberry yogurt
The road was dark stretched out before us
And dark they dimly sang a chorus
Verses just a hapless hobby
Leonard Cohen very covert
Hungry mornings feeling haughty
Blanch at bitter day-old coffee
The planet looks for its next meal
Treadmill species going nowhere
Break the bastards, Don Quixote
Abridge the book, include emojis
Dream your dream and kill what's real
I know your heart, I know you don't care
You psychically became senescent
Genius peaks at twenty-seven
A cigarette you lit with some effort
Fuck this rain I need the sunlight
Trodding through the trampled flowers
Worms that writhe on sideways towers
It no longer matters whether
You're a slug or you are upright
Time and space becoming blurry
Happy birthday two weeks early
Saying your sane means next to nothing
Nightlight glowing soft and purple
The art had beauty only middling
Orson Welles reciting Kipling
The gallery had promised something
The clouds like milk and lemons curdled
One last block to keep it even
Hearts are foul in open season
Iron guides their secret impulse
South toward third world resort beaches
Dark dear heart was sung so pretty
Rest of the album kinda shitty
Prozac left my poor brain pickled
Songs that fall to pieces

All of this I count for nothing
When I know it's missing something
Something I will never have

It's no longer good enough
Make a whisper out of me
Track Name: What You Did to Me
You told me you still punch yourself
Oh bastion of my mental health
I heard you scream so sick and (Zakk) Wylde
Oh mother how I am your child

You told me you were bored alone
Lost so far away from home
You clenched your teeth across those miles
Oh father how I am your child

I don't mind it
All apologies but I was stitched together
Something like a knot so I'll spill my seed
On the rocky soil I won't do to them
What you did to me